Face+Heel – “Our Princes’ Quarry” (2016) // Album Review

Only yesterday a brand-new duo from Wales, UK, released their debut album, titled Our Princes’ Quarry. Face+Heel is the name of the collaboration between lyricist and guitarist Luke Taylor, and singer Sinead McMillan. The two have been releasing tracks and EPs over the past couple of years, and with their debut album, they’re taking the next step. If their media company had not contacted me about their release, I probably would not have heard of Face+Heel – which would have been a shame, because their album is definitely one to be heard.

The duo themselves describe Our Princes’ Quarry a love letter to Aberystwyth and growing up in the 90s. The result is a dreamy and provocative combination between electronics, pop and rock. Our Princes’ Quarry opens with their freshly-released single, “Pier Video“, a dark and hypnotic mix of electric guitars, hollow drums and piano tunes. The track carries a feel of nostalgia and teenage rebellion, a feel lying at the core of Face+Heel’s sound.


What I really like about Face+Heel’s sounds, is that it’s not too sleek, which is the current hype with electronic music. The duo don’t take themselves too seriously and aren’t afraid to draw outside the lines. This becomes most evident on my favorite track off the album, titled “Mansions“. It’s a slow and deeply emotional track, with hypnotic vocals, stretched-out synths and bare piano tunes. Another track that is reminiscent of teenage years and forgotten love, is “We Can Swim”. The track is more rhythmic and more energetic that “Mansions”, but just as magical.

Are you curious about Face+Heel and their debut album Our Princes’ Quarry? You can listen to their full debut album right here!




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