My Capsule Wardrobe // Spring 2016

A couple of weeks ago, my friend Yonna introduced me to the “Capsule Wardrobe” and I became obsessed. I immediately got so excited by the idea of rediscovering my wardrobe, that I started right that week. I went through every single item I own, made lists (because I’m one of those people who grew up with Rory Gilmore) and made some hard decisions. In the end, the effort resulted in my very own Spring capsule wardrobe.

The idea is very simple, you bring back your wardrobe to a few essential pieces, that you do get a lot of wear out and that you absolutely love. In a previous blog post I wrote about the capsule wardrobe, I was aiming for a wardrobe consisting out of 33 pieces, more specifically, 15 tops, 6 bottoms, 3 dresses, 3 coats and 6 shoes. But as I was sorting everything out, I came to the conclusion that it was not enough. I needed a bordeaux velvet salopette in my Spring wardrobe. And so it began.

Spring 2016 :: Tops

This season, I listed a total of 16 tops, ranging from tanktops to sweaters. A wide range, but completely necessary when you live in the Netherlands and you’re supposed to wear these items from April throughout June. And because of this exact reason, I made sure that my tanktops matched with my vests, so that I can wear them together when it’s still too cold outside. For example, the black tanktop (which is velvet, by the way) goes perfect with the soft pink vest, while the brown-colored top works with both a black and a blue vest and the top with the pastel flowers matches with the blush and the black vest.

Spring 2016 :: Bottoms

The whole idea behind the whole capsule wardrobe concept is that, through combining different pieces, you get a whole collection of outfits, with lesser items. I can match these 6 bottoms with all of my 16 tops.

Spring 2016 :: Dresses

In my initial Spring capsule wardrobe, I put down 3 dresses, which is still a very sensible number. However, when my Mom and I were in Amsterdam for the “Catwalk” exposition a couple of weeks ago, we also went shopping. The ultimate test, because of the capsule wardrobe principle, I was not supposed to shop. I did pretty well, until I stumbled upon the most perfect item: a bordeaux, velvet salopette – on sale. It seriously does not get any better than this. Of course, I needed to justify this particular purchase. Did I really need a velvet salopette? Yes. Yes, I do. So I bought it and I have not looked back since. It actually turns out to be a very versatile piece and the perfect addition to my Spring capsule wardrobe, because I can combine it with a lot of items I already own.

Spring 2016 :: Coats

For coats I decided to keep things simple. Simple, but classy, which is why my trustworthy trenchcoat is the centerpiece. To mix things up a little, I wear my leather jacket when I want to go for a tougher look or when the weather is colder, and my denim jacket when the weather is really nice.

Spring 2016 :: Shoes

My shoes are something that I figured out pretty quickly. These six pairs are pretty much all I need, although I do own more shoes. A lot more shoes. An infinite amount of shoes, to quote Boyfriend. But I only wear my heels or my fancy boots when the occasion really calls for them, so I filed those under more formal wear, instead of things that I can wear every single day. These six pairs can be worn with every outfit and I have a pair for every weather situation.

In the end, the capsule wardrobe idea has really helped me. I now have a clear overview of the items that I own and this has lead to many more outfit combinations for me to try out. And this exact realization has made me realize that I do not need to shop that often anymore. I now keep a list of things that I seriously need (as underwear is still considered to be a basic human right, as quoted by Rebecca Bloomwood) and when the time has come to switch capsule wardrobes, I invest in those pieces. This way, the capsule wardrobe did not just provide me with more ways of wearing my own wardrobe, it also helped me spend less money. A typical win-win situation at Almost Famous Writer.




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