30 Days Challenge // Day 17 – Take A Look At Your Finances

Money is a funny thing.

Especially as a student, money is something you can’t really live without. I need to pay my tuition, my books, my rent, my food, my coffee treats, my trips to the cinema, my train rides, my concert tickets – when you think about it, I’m paying every single day, mostly without realizing it. Without money, I wouldn’t be able to go to this school, or have a reasonably healthy dinner every night, or have coffee treats or go to concerts.

I need money on a daily basis, but I as a student, I only have a limited amount I have to spend. When I knew I wanted to go study at University College Roosevelt, I realized I needed money to do that – and a lot of it. As soon as I turned 16, I started working. I worked at a pharmacy for a year, at a restaurant as a dishwasher for two years, as a secretary for three years and at one point I did all three jobs at the same time, besides being a high school student. Most of what I earned, I deposited on a savings account that I opened together with my Mom the day I got hired. In my mind, it was this big pot that I threw money into every single month, a pot that slowly became bigger and bigger.

To be honest, I took great pride in the amount on my saving’s account. It made me proud when I realized that I worked for that money, that I worked for something that I wanted: to go to university. Every hour that I spent selling tampons and make-up, or scrubbing dirty plates, or picking up the phone, it was for something and realizing that, felt good.

When I started university in the summer of 2014, it finally hit me. All those hours of work and years of saving came down to me paying for school, for my future. Of course, I still have to loan money to pay for school and my parents still help me out wherever they can, but I did sort of take care of myself financially. I knew that I needed to work for what I wanted, and so I did. What I learned from a very early age onwards, is that with money comes responsibility, but responsibility also comes with money.

Money is a funny thing, indeed.




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