How To Capsule Your Wardrobe

I have a new obsession and it’s called the “capsule wardrobe”. It’s something I never knew I needed; an opportunity to up my wardrobe game without spending lots and lots of money.

My friend Yonna introduced me to the idea of the “capsule wardrobe”. I had heard of it before, but never really got in to it. She send me a video from Vivianna Does Makeup, in which the whole principle is explained. There are many ways to capsule your wardrobe and lots of bloggers have their own way, but what it really boils down to is getting the most out of your wardrobe with less money.


What is a capsule wardrobe exactly? It’s more of a system that you stick to, in order to create a seasonal wardrobe. The idea is that you create a collection of 37 items, not including underwear, sportswear, formal wear, work uniform and handbags, and wear these items for three months. For example, you can have your Winter capsule wardrobe from January to March and your Spring capsule wardrobe from April to June, and so on. I was introduced to the whole capsule wardrobe experiment in February, so I’ll start with a Spring capsule wardrobe by the end of March (and I’m already way too excited about it).

Of course I couldn’t wait until the end of March to start on my own capsule wardrobe, so I already started with making an overview of what I have and what items I actually need. I came to the conclusion I don’t need 10 pairs of shoes, if I only wear half of them, and I realized that I have plenty of beautiful clothes and that are infinite ways of combining them. The capsule wardrobe by Vivianna Does Makeup features 37 pieces, but I’m aiming for 33 items in my Spring capsule wardrobe. This number is divided into 15 tops, 6 bottoms, 3 dresses, 3 coats and 6 shoes.


The capsule wardrobe experiment provides you with the perfect opportunity to go clean out your wardrobe, throw away the pieces that you no longer want or fit, and rediscover older pieces. I, for example, had lots of old items that I no longer wanted or fitted, so I packed them all up and gave them to my little sister to try on. This left me with a collection of pieces that I both truly love and really wear a lot.

Furthermore, a capsule wardrobe can help you save money. By categorizing what you already have and sticking to that formula, you don’t have to spend money on clothes every single week. Instead, when you stick to the three month formula, you only spend money once every season. No more buying tons of clothing you don’t actually need, but investing in more high-quality pieces that, in the long run, will be much more profitable on the long run. And last but not least, a capsule wardrobe can make it way easier to decide on what to wear every morning and thereby less time-consuming. Instead of having to dive into a pile of clothes every morning and trying to match a top with a bottom, you can take one quick look at your capsule wardrobe and grab an outfit!

I love the capsule wardrobe idea and by the end of March, my Spring capsule wardrobe will be ready to wear and for a post on Almost Famous Writer!




5 Comments Add yours

  1. It was a really informative read! thanks for your tips!

    1. Thank you! I hope you’ll find the tips useful!

  2. lexisandon says:

    I love the mix of colours and patterns in your capsule. Have you updated it for autumn?

    1. Thank you so much! Actually, a Fall update of my capsule wardrobe will be online very shortly – so stay tuned for that one!

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