What To Do // Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day: either you love it or you hate it. Where some people boycot the day of red roses and cheesy cards, some go all out with flowers, chocolates, fancy dinners and sparkly presents. People often think they should spend a lot of money on a Valentine’s Day gift – while this really doesn’t need to be the case.

Do you need some budget-friendly, last-minute inspiration for Valentine’s Day? Almost Famous Writer has got your back with 5 tips:

// Build a pillow fort


Source: http://www.brit.co

Mega cheap and you don’t have to go anywhere: build a pillow fort! You can make it super cozy with blankets, fairy-lights, pillows and some food.

// Cook together


Source: http://www.asimplehaven.com

Food is always a good idea and it also happens to be perfect for Valentine’s Day. Cooking together is fun, romantic and afterwards, you can enjoy your home-made dinner! Way cheaper than going out to a fancy restaurant and maybe even more romantic, as you can cook your meal together.

// Go on a mini-roadtrip


Source: http://www.elitedaily.com

For those who want something a little more adventurous: go a on a mini-roadtrip! Grab some food, grab your date and just drive – it doesn’t really matter where you go, as long as you are with the one you love.

// Picknick indoors


Source: http://www.iconosquare.com

The Netherlands is not the best place to go on a picknick in early February. Time to get creative! Grab some pillows and blankets and just have a romantic picknick indoors!

// Take a walk on the beach


Source: http://www.theultralinx.com

Last but not least: go on an old-fashioned beach walk together! What is more romantic than taking a long walk on the beach, the wind in your hair and the sound of waves crashing in your ears? That’s right, not much (pizza, maybe?).





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